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Coaching is continuously growing and is the basic method of personal and professional development. It has been dynamically introduced in companies, organizations and educational establishments. It can help the individual and the professional to develop personal and professional skills. Objectives in the micro-level of everyday life and the macro-level of professional and personal life are undoubtedly the focal point. A professional coach must possess the skills and scientific training to manage their objectives and set new ones and effectively work towards their achievement.



1. Philosophy of coaching
2. The art of coaching
3. Introduction to collaborative working techniques
4. Self development
5. Basics of life coaching
6. Releasing the old skin
7. Creating Safe Space
8. Comfort zone
9. Basics of business coaching
10. Basics of executive coaching
11. Solution focused Techniques
12. Values & Purposes
13. Ethics
14. Coaching techniques
15. The creative way of thinking & acting


Diploma in coaching
1. Team facilitation
2. Executive coaching
3. Developmental Psychology
4. Positive Psychology
5. Specialization in coaching techniques
6. Organize coaching sessions
7. Life coaching with applications in everyday life
8. Business coaching
9. Executive coaching
10. Applications of coaching in leadership
11. Coaching supervision
12. Team Coaching
13. Ethics


The graduate receives a 400-hour training certificate recognized by EOPPEP.

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