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Limited number of positions
Small number of trainees per class

Lifelong learning center 2 “EKPEDEFTIKI ENOSI” is licensed by E.O.P.P.E.P., the Official Body of the Ministry of Education (License number 192083980)



One-year theoretical and practical education program in dog behavior and training

  • Do you love dogs?

  • Do you want to effectively communicate with them?

  • Do you want to understand their feelings and way of thinking?

  • Do you wish to be able to teach them new behaviors and correct the undesirable ones?

  • Do you want to communicate all these to dog owners?

  • Do you want to become a fully professional dog trainer?

  • If all the above is what you are looking for, this course is suitable for you.

Ekpedeftiki Enosi offers a 400-hour training course that meets the requirements of a professional dog trainer. Graduates are able to offer high standard service and successfully deal with a wide range of challenges. Trainees gain experience while attending the course, as they face the opportunity to contact various dog races with different characters and different behavioral problems.

Trainees actively participate in the learning process and develop skills such as cooperation, critical thinking and communication.
All trainees are professionals with high standards of knowledge and expertise. The course supervisor collaborates with trainees in order to answer their questions and support them even after the completion of the course.

Weekend compact classes

Exclusively for non-residents of Athens trainees


This is the only course in Greece certified by the British Body for Certifications Gatehouse Awards

Διεθνής Πιστοποίηση


•    Puppy: stages of development, socialization and education
•    Building confident relationships
•    Motives in training
•    Adult dog training
•    Everyday life and training
•    Game as a means of training
•    Training tools
•    Training approaches and basic learning theories
•    Basic obedience
•    Advanced obedience

The course duration is 400 hours, 9 months
•    Over 160 hours of practice with untrained dogs
•    50 hours of theory
•    E-learning study material through the platform of Ekpedeftiki Enosi
•    Final practice based on a case study


Graduates are certified by E.O.P.P.E.P., the Official Body of the Ministry of Education.
The state diploma offered by “Ekpedeftiki Enosi” is the key to labor market both in Greece and abroad.
Graduates are also certified by the British Certification Body INNOVATE AWARDING BODY.
Upon completion of the course, trainees receive:
•    Certification of 400 hours (Lifelong Learning Center 2 Ekpedeftiki Enosi)
•    Digital and print material for all subjects
•    Final project upon trainer supervision
•    Workshops
•    Proper writing of curriculum vitae
•    Creation of personal portfolio
•    Technical support
•    Career counseling

Διεθνής Πιστοποίηση

Δυνατότητα Βρετανικής Πιστοποίησης

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Classes are not solely conducted in classroom, but they are “transferred” to occupational spaces. Educational visits are often scheduled to occupational spaces so that trainees become aware of the real workplace conditions. This way, they have their first contact with the future workplace and gain experience and knowledge by the professionals.


Besides the excellent provision of lessons to trainees, Ekpedeftiki Enosi ensures a series of educational seminars held by professionals of various occupational domains. This way, trainees can enrich their knowledge and directly and practically learn everything about the content of their studies. The specialization seminars program for each field of studies is announced at the beginning of each month.


Trainees of Ekpedeftiki Enosi face the opportunity to further their knowledge by participating in conferences and workshops organized by the institute and partner companies.


Ekpedeftiki Enosi offers practice in real workplace conditions and realistic models. Trainees’ practice is done in real workplace conditions under the guidance of experienced supervisors. Experience is very important and is stated in the trainee’s curriculum vitae. It signifies the beginning of their professional career.


Our institute offers scholarships at the beginning of each academic year in accordance with social and meritocratic criteria so that anyone interested in studying has the possibility to do so.
Funding refers to the first or / and second year of studies of the Vocational Training Institute. It comes from funds of P. Botsiou Art and Culture Institute, the Greek Center for Research in Sound, Music & Speech, the Research Center for Human Behaviors and “Costis Ballas” Greek Center for Intercultural Psychiatric and Hospitalization.

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